Thursday, May 18, 2006

Interview with PWG Champion Joey Ryan

Jeremy: First off I want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to answer a few questions.
Joey Ryan: You mean time away from my myspace.
Jeremy: Haha, yes. I have to say I'm quite addicted to myspace also. When did you first know that you wanted to become a professional wrestler?
Joey Ryan: When that son of a bitch King Kong Bundy injured the Hulksters ribs on Saturday Nights Main Event. I wanted a piece of Bundy.
Jeremy: Haha, I think that was sentiment shared by alot of people. When and with whom did you first start your training?
Joey Ryan: At Jesse Hernandez's school in San Bernardino, California. I was being trained by Frankie Kazarian, Bobby Bradley & Jesse himself.
Jeremy: Thats an impressive list of trainers. It says on many of your bios that you were also trained by Brian "Spanky" Kendrick. How was training with him?
Joey Ryan: Training with Spanky was intense. He seems fun loving, and he is most of the time, but he takes training very seriously. I credit him with my training because he taught me how to work outside of just learning the bumps.
Jeremy: Is there a wrestler or wrestlers that have influenced your in ring style?
Joey Ryan: For awhile I really patterned my style towards the Dean Malenko, Jamie Noble types, but they were way to good, so I decided to go with more character than wrestling and act like Ric Flair in his prime.
Jeremy: Nice. Who was your first match with and how did it go?
Joey Ryan: Random 8 man tag. It went well, but I didnt do much in it.
Jeremy: You're one of the "PWG Six", the six owners of Pro Wrestling Guerilla. How did the creation of the promotion come about?
Joey Ryan: We wanted a way to kill Disco Machine and get away with it, so we thought we would overload him with work. Then Super Dragon fucked it all up and starting doing a lot of the work himself.
Jeremy: What are some of your favorite matches you've been in?
Joey Ryan: The Ironman match vs. Super Dragon. Matches with Chris Hero, James Gibson, El Generico, Human Tornado & Chris Sabin. Those are always fun.
Jeremy: In late October/Early November, you had the opportunity to work the WWE RAW and Smackdown events. You had matches with Rosey and Sylvan, with the Sylvan match nationally televised on Velocity. How was working with the two and how was your experience working with the WWE in general?
Joey Ryan: I liked working with both. They are both down to earth. In fact all of the WWE locker room is down to earth as long as you know how to carry yourself.
Jeremy: You are the current PWG Champion, winning the title on December 3, 2005 against Kevin Steen. How did it feel to win and how has it been being the champion of one of the top promotions in America?
Joey Ryan: It feels like Prom night all over again.
Jeremy: You had a pretty good prom, huh?
Joey Ryan: Yeah, and the funny thing is that Kevin Steen was there too. Crazy I tell ya!
Jeremy: That is quite a coincidence. With PWG becoming more and more nationally known, have guys been knocking down your door to come in and work?
Joey Ryan: I would imagine so. Top Gun is the booker so he has to deal with all that, not me.
Jeremy: If WWE called and offered you a developmental deal tomorrow, would you sign?
Joey Ryan: Of course
Jeremy: Tomorrow you are competing in the Best of American Super Junior tournament. How do you feel about being invited?
Joey Ryan: I feel like I fooled someone.
Jeremy: Fooled someone? Come on... So who is your dream opponent?
Joey Ryan: Shawn Michaels. Or Hulk Hogan
Jeremy: Both good choices. Where do you see yourself and PWG in five years?
Joey Ryan: Ask me again in four and a half years.
Jeremy: Will do. Is there anything your fans would be surprised to know about you?
Joey Ryan: My favorite movie is The Princess Bride
Jeremy: Good movie. Is there anything else that you'd like to say to all of your fans?
Joey Ryan: Buy more PWG DVDs.
Jeremy: Haha, I actually have a few I am going to pick up once I get paid tomorrow. Anyway, thank you very much Joey for the interview and being the very first one I have conducted.
Joey Ryan: ;-)

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